Sunny Days

The sun in winter here in Finland is… shy. Easily can be one week without chance to see it, almost always hidden behind the clouds or the fog.


I live almost all my life in Estepona and Málaga. This area is better known as Costa del Sol, ¿why? Tourist agencies will claim proudly “We have more than 300 days of sunshine all year around”. I don’t care about it. I didn’t care about it. I mean, this is something that you don’t appreciate until you lose it. Supply and demand, economist likes to call it.

If the sun comes out, the best thing you can do it’s go outside to the forest with your couple to enjoy this chance. Like 2 days ago:

Finland forest

Now I start to have Finnish mentality, looking to the sky when I wake up to see if there is some ray of light and counting the days for the warm Finnish summer, when the sun rises at 4 am and sets after 11 pm.