Looking for job in Finland

I am currently looking for job actively in Finland, (Tampere and Helsinki), as you know. Here is my CV.

After one month looking job offers you start to become a specialist of finding jobs, and soon I will make a guide for Finding a job, as Phil did some years ago. It’s common sense that I will not published it until it is proved that is succesful.

But the funny Dilbert strip of today, made me remember one useful resource to find a good job. To look the companies listed by the “Great Places To Work” Institute. Specially as a foreigner, if you don’t know so well Finnish companies.


The list for 2008 is:

Rank Companies
General list
1 Reaktor Innovations Oy
2 Orion Oyj Orion Pharma, Kotimaan myynti ja markkinointi
3 Management Events
4 Microsoft Oy
5 Clas Ohlson Oy
6 3 Step IT Oy
7 Novo Nordisk Farma Oy
8 Tekonivelsairaala Coxa Oy
9 Efecte Oy
10 Satama Interactive Oyj
11 Scandinavian Telemarketing Oy
12 Tieto-Tapiola Oy
13 Wyeth
14 ALD Automotive
15 SAS Institute Oy
16 SBS Finland Oy
17 Newsec Oy
18 Roche Oy
19 Alexandria Consulting Group Oyj
20 Glitnir Oyj

Large organisations
1 Accenture Oy
2 Etelä-karjalan Osuuskauppa
3 Osuuspankkikeskus Osk
4 Citymarket Oy
Public/non-profit organisations
1 Oulun Työterveys
2 Kehitysvammaliitto

Small organisations
2 Kiinteistömaailma Confidence m2 Oy
3 Vectia Oy
4 Prewise Finland Oy
5 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Finland) Oy
6 Saranen Consulting Oy
7 Procter & Gamble Finland Oy
8 Monster Oy
9 Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy
10 Softability Oy

Of course can be useful to look previous years too.